Astro Launches in Durham

Astro Code School Director Brian Russell tells Durham Mayor Bill Bell about the school

Friday May 1 we held our launch party. A lot people showed up to welcome Astro Code School to Durham and learn about what we do. I had a great time telling our story to guests. Plus it was fun to meet Mayor Bell!

As a resident of the City of Durham I love working Downtown. It's close to where I live, convenient to a lot of great food and drink, and a great place to run into cool people all the time. I feel as if I'm part of something really awesome at a cool time in Durham history.

Astro's mission to educate people really fits well with a community who's committed to serving others. I first learned about this awesome attribute of Durhamites from friends who work at local non-profits. Inspired by them I joined AmeriCorp in 2004 as a technology VISTA at the Durham Literacy Center. This experience gave me quite an education and was a big influence on me.

A giant thanks to all the people at Caktus Consulting Group who helped organized the event. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Caktus CTO Colin Copeland, Durham Mayor Bill Bell, and Caktus CBO Alex Leman

We’re right downtown Durham at 108 Morris Street. I hope that when you have a moment you'll stop in and say hi.

Headshot of Brian Russell

Brian Russell wrote this
on May 28, 2015.